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England, here I am


I’m happy to announce that I finally moved from France to England.

“Finally” because I’ve been waiting to say that since I met Paul, five years ago.

I’m going to miss this city so much, which is odd because I hated it so much when I moved here three years ago.

During these three years, I met incredible people. I met some huge idiots too.
During these three years, I have been happy.

I’m going to miss my little cup of coffee with my sweet Lily & Alan on saturdays afternoon, getting drunk with my friend Charlotte in my kitchen, fighting about TV series with my neighbours, little talks with my Lucinda in the stairs.

I’m happy to leave that shi**y university and its teachers (Sorry to the few sweet teachers I had this last three years).

But most important of all, I will be able to say :” Baby, I’m coming home “.

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