French Girl Style

I’ve lived in England for four months now, and I realise more and more that France and England seem to have different rules for getting dressed.

So, I’ve decided to give you a few simple rules to get you started.

(NOTE: I’m not saying that the French are right and that the English are wrong, I am just giving you my opinion as a young French woman.)


First of all, you have to get dressed according to your shape :

  • do not wear tight clothes if you are overweight
  • do not wear large clothes if you are thin


In France, we have many rules about how to get dressed for specific occassions, but I will focus today on these basic details:


  • Never more than three colors

Unless you are adopting a monochrome look, focus on this rule: never wear more than three colors, or you will risk looking garish. This rule is about clothing that is visible; it doesn’t include your underwear, but does include your handbag, coat and other accessories.


  • Wearing a coat with a dress

If you are wearing a dress, your coat has to be longer than your dress


  • Tracksuits are not a clothing

I see people wearing tracksuits a lot in England. A tracksuits is designed for doing sport in it – not for grocerie shopping. That’s it.


  • Pyjamas too

A few years ago, I saw a woman doing her Boxing Day shopping in a ‘one-sie’. Pyjamas are for sleeping in. Only the people who live with you should see them.


  • Handbags

Naturally, your handbag has to be in a good condition, and regulary cleaned. Remember this rule: avoid a tiny bag if you are big, as it will make you look even bigger. And the reverse is equally true: avoid a big bag if you are tiny – it will make you appear to shrink!


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