What’s in my bag?

Here we are for my “What’s in my bag?”


As you can see, there is my Christian Lacroix wallet, my pink case (which contain my lighter & my pack of cigarettes), my blue beauty case and two copy book.



There are my everyday essential. I can’t live without these.

My diary is from the brand “Paperchase” and I bought it at House of Frazer.

My copy book is my personnal organiser. I use two pages per day where I write all the things I have to do, to buy, email to send etc.


This beauty case is from the website Awamu which makes an amazing charity work. I have it for five years and it still perfect.

You can see all the things I usually put in it : tissues, antibac hand wipes, antibac gel, mini deo spray, ibuprofen, scrunchie etc…

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