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Soap & Glory’s The Righteous Tinted Lotion


This product came in the ‘She Bang’ Christmas pack from Soap & Glory, which I got for Christmas. Being honest with you, I’ve never tried any tanning product before because I’m medium skin, and I’ve never wanted to be more tanned – but I completely changed my mind!

From ‘The Righteous Butter’ collection, this one penetrates  the skin quickly, moisturises, and also gives a nice and discrete shimmery summer glow. The colour sets quickly, so you can get dressed within five minutes of applying it. This product washes off quite easily.

Luckily, I talked to friend about this product before using it: although it’s not written on the packaging, you have to wear tanning gloves when using it or your palm will turn orange. So, thanks to ‘L.’ for telling me this.


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