French Girl Style: Let’s (don’t) talk about money

In France, there are a few subjects that we don’t like to talk about: money is one of them. Of course, I talk about money with my fiancé and my close friends. With these exceptions, it’s strictly forbidden to broach this subject.

Why? Because some of your friend might be less lucky than you (or the reverse). A fortune for someone can be a laughable sum for another person. It can be really embarrassing to complain about your financial issues in front of someone who is poorer than you. Have you heard about ‘invisible poverty’? Everything is in the name.

I am not saying that you should be ashamed if you’re rich, but you should be discrete. I think it’s a big difference between France and the US; in the US, it seems as if you can talk about money and how much you earn to anyone.


But how should one handle money?

Keep your bank notes tidy and in your wallet, and please don’t lick your finger when you count them.

For my part, I prefer to use my debit card, which is more discrete.

If you are offering money, you should put it in an envelope. If you are receiving it, you should wait until you are alone before opening the envelope.
There are basic rules for me as a French woman. How is it in your country?

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