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What kind of girl are you?

1 – You’re doing makeup. Do you conceal before or after foundation?

I conceal after foundation. If you do it before, you will just move your concealer while applying your foundation. It’s common-sense.

2 – You’re in a store and knock something over. Do you pick it up or turn around and pretend it didn’t happen?

I pick it up. It’s a question of education, I guess.

3 – You’re in the mall parking lot and notice someone left their headlights on. Do you see if the doors are open and turn them off. or ignore it?

It’s not my car, so I will definitely not climb in to turn the lights off.

4 After seeing a nice shirt in a store. The second thing you look at is the size or the price?

The size

5 –  When buying something on sale. (Most times) are you buying it because you really like it or because it’s on sale?

I’ve grown-up now and learned from my mistakes, so now I buy only because I like it.

6 – When seeing a tutorial you really like do you see if you have similar colors in your collection or insist you use the same ones they used?

I try to find the similar color in my collection.

7 – You’re applying mascara. Do you maintain the same face or make the I just saw a ghost face?

Everybody does the “I-just-saw-a-ghost face”, right?

8 – When the beeper goes off in the store. You think they forgot to remove a security tag or you think someone slipped something in your bag?

I think they forgot to remove the security tag.

9 – If you don’t like something a friend is wearing do you lie to spare their feelings or tell them the truth?

My friends are grown-ups who can make decisions by themselves. If one of my friend asks me my point-of-view, I try to be diplomatic as far as I possibly can.

10 – Do you faithfully remove your makeup every single night or ignore it on the lazy nights?

I take it off faithfully even if I’m tired.

11 –  If your best friend told you a secret you knew could get them in big trouble but also is something that is illegal do you tell or not?

Well, it depends exactly how bad it is.  

12 – If you find something valuable (jewelry a sum of money a cell phone wallet) on the ground do you try to find the owner leave it there or take it?

I would try to found the owner. Being honest is always rewarded.

13 –  Be honest how many times have you watched Mean Girls?

I’ve never heard of it. Is it a TV show or a film?

14 Which mean girl character are you?


15 If your friends asked you out would you say yes?


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