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50 Random Facts about Me

50 facts about me


  1. I’m 25
  2. I’m French (which explains my mistakes and weird phrases)
  3. I moved in England to rejoin my fiancé
  4. I’ve been looking for a job since I arrived in England
  5. My favorite dish is spaghetti bolognese.
  6. My hair is black
  7. And I’ve never bleached or coloured it… yet
  8. I studied law… Yes, It’s lame
  9. My fiancé asked me six months after starting to date together… It was almost five years ago
  10. I love the Harry Potter books and universe, but you will never catch me wearing a witch’s robe or playing muggle quiddich…
  11. I’m a coffee addict. I drink at least five cups a-day
  12. I love cooking, as you can see sometimes on my Instagram 
  13. I am an organisation freak. I will write an article about it soon…
  14. I love red wine
  15. And cheese
  16. I’m a smoker
  17. I’m a massive French woman cliché
  18. I don’t have a middle name
  19. I am 5’6”
  20. I haven’t watched TV since I was 18 years-old
  21. I want to be a maman one day : )
  22. My favorite colour is grey
  23. I had a beauty blog for two years, which I closed when I arrived in England and opened this site
  24. As an adult, I have lived in 4 different apartments
  25. I lived in Paris 8e for two years
  26. I currently live in Nottingham, UK
  27. I’m a Scorpio
  28. I listen a lot to French radio. Not the ones which play music, the ‘boring’ ones (I love them)
  29. I’m very interested in politics
  30. I prefer a shower to a bath
  31. I met my fiancé on a train
  32. My favorite flowers are white roses
  33. But I love any white flowers
  34. I got my ears pierced when I was… 4 years-old
  35. My grandma is taller than me… I don’t think it’s really common
  36. I can’t go camping 
  37. For me, holidays rhymes with hotel
  38. I feel more confident since I’ve been living in England, probably because people are too polite to criticize you
  39. I never wear orange. For me, it’s the worst color ever
  40. My favorite holiday is Christmas
  41. I can’t stand stupid people
  42. But I am good at hiding my emotions. If I want to hide them, you will never know what I am thinking.
  43. I am a YouTube addict: beauty, history, sciences… A day without learning something new is a wasted day
  44. I love classical music
  45. I don’t have a driving licence, because I’ve never found the time to pass my test
  46. I was in love to Leonardo Dicaprio when I was a child, like many others
  47. I hate the feel of the skin of peaches
  48. I can spend my day playing video games
  49. I have never watched Star Wars
  50. I am so thankful to you, my readers. As we say in my native language: “Merci beaucoup, je vous aime.”


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