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My Small Essie Nail Polish Collection

My Essie Collection


I love these. I’ve tried many brands, but I always come back to My Essie.

Essie has an amazingly wide selection of colors. I am particularly fond of their many different shades of grey (which happens to be my favorite color).

I can say that My Essie do the best nail polishes I’ve ever used.  The application is easy, the brush is perfectly sized, and the result is neat and shiny.

The biggest pros of these nail polishes are their ability to stay on for several days, and the fact that you can keep them for years and the texture doesn’t change at all.


  • The reds

Essie - The Reds

  • ‘Size Matters’: a hot ruby-red. Light makes it go from dark pink to a hot red
  • ‘Recessionista’: a smart and savvy brick according to the brand – a nice dark berry for me
  • ‘Sharling Darling’: a dark deep red
  • ‘Toggle to the Top: a festive shiny sparkling red.
  • ‘Wrapped in Rubies’: a deep red with a wonderful golden shimmering effect


  • The pastels – neutrals

Essie - The Pastels

  • ‘Romper Room’: a lovely pale baby-pink
  • ‘Spin the Bottle’: a discrete light coral-pink
  • ‘Sand Tropez’: one of my favorites, a sandy beige


  • The grey-blues

Essie - The Greys

  • ‘Truth or Flare’: a blue-ish light grey
  • ‘Parka Effect’: a light grey
  • ‘Power Clutch’: an elegant grey-green, perfect for the winter
  • ‘Mind your Mittens’: a gorgeous very dark navy blue-grey
  • ‘Bobbing for Baubles’: a gorgeous dark sapphire


  • The greens

Essie - The Greens

  • ‘Stylenomics’: a dark deep green
  • ‘Dive Bar’: an iridescent purple-green duo


  • The sparklings

Essie - The Sparklings

  • ‘Jazzy Jubilant’: a  green and pink glittery two-coat
  • ‘Belugaria’: And to finish, my only disappointment…  It’s really thick, and looks disgusting on the nails… A kind of gross black caviar effect.

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