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Stila Lip Glaze

Stila Lip Glaze


First of all, I found this product at TKMaxx, in this box, and with certitude that no-one had tried it before me (honestly guys, stop opening the products and putting your filthy fingers in it!). This seemed fair as it only cost £3.

What the brand says about it:

Your lips deserve more attention!

Give it to them with Stila’s range of classic lip glazes.

Choose from a huge variety of shades, each with gorgeous flavours and scents. You’re sure to be able to find the perfect gloss for your look!

The formula in Stila lip glazes has been created to provide strong lasting power, without drying out your lips.

The easy to use click and brush applicator means you get an even deposit of colour with minimum fuss – perfect for applying on the go!


Stila Lip Glaze Brush Close up


And I hate it…

It is more stick than any other lipgloss or lipstick I have ever used, and it lasts for an hour maximum.

The scent did not hit me, not in a good way or a bad one.

The brush is a good idea, but it’s unpredictable; you have to twist the end of the tube to make the product to come out, and you never know how much product will come out.

I read on the Birchbox website that “the sheer pink-toned hues are universally flattering”. I’m sorry, but in my point of view, this lipglaze is about as flattering as the bruise you would get if your sister chucked her stilettos in your face!

Even though it was cheap, I still regret having spent that £3.

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