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‘ELF’ blush & bronzer duo – St Lucia

ELF Contouring Blush & Bronzing Powder


Usually, when I am tempted by a luxury brand product, there is two possibilities :

  • Buy the luxury product and risk regretting the waste of my money
  • Buy a cheap dupe of it and – if i like the dupe – buy the luxury product a few months later – Of course, my choice is completely different if I am facing a limited edition… (to understand: I am weak!)

St Lucia


I bought this duo because I heard that it was really similar to the ‘Nars’ duo… Actually it’s not  at all like that, but I did not regret at all!

The packaging is neat, simple and handy: flat (so it can be easily carried around) and small, and it has a big mirror!

Unfortunately, I don’t like the texture of the packaging. This mac finish is nice, but it gets dirty really quickly. (as you can see on the first picture). 

It’s divine!

Inside, you can found a light blush and a golden bronzer.



  • The bronzer

Have a really really light hand with this one. It is really pigmented, but also really easy to blend with your blush.


  • The blush

I am a bit too tanned for this one, but I like it. This is a fair peachy pink so you can use a generous measure of it. The effect is very natural. I love it!

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