Worst Beauty Hacks

I love to found new tips online, but sometimes you can found really stupid things…


  • Use cucumber to reduce your dark circles

If this worked, would people buy super expensive cream to get rid of them? I’ve tried itseveral times during long period of time and it did not worked at all.


  • Use baby powder to make your eyelashes thicker

No, it just make them grosser. Like spider’s legs!


  • Use coffee as a scrub

It actually works a bit, but then I have to spend a decade cleaning my white bathtub afterwards.


  • Straighten you hair with a mix of water and sugar

Really? It’s just the best way to make your hair dirty right after your shampoo session


  • Scrub your face with a shaving pad

This is really bad for your legs, so imagine the result on your face. It’s basically the same kind of paper that you would use to smooth a piece of wood… 


  • Use anti-bacterial wipes whiten your teeth

Really? The same kind of wipe that I use to clean my toilet seat?! These just clean but doesn’t make them more white. 


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