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Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeshadow

Max Factor Masterpiece Eyeshadow


I got this in December, and I thought, “What a weird color for a gloss!” Sure… that’s because it’s not a gloss at all…


It’s actually an eyeshadow, but the packaging is really odd. It comes in a tube with an applicator, and is similar to what you’d expect with a traditional lip-gloss applicator.


If you are not careful, this can turn into a big mess, and its staying power is not at all good.



I always use a primer, but – even so – this product creases quickly. It’s difficult to get a nice application without using your fingers (not really hygienic), or by quickly grabbing a flat eyeshadow brush and doing it with that before it dries out.


Don’t… It’s definitely not worth £6.99.


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