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N°7 Facial Brush

N°7 Facial Brush

I’ve been using this brush for a little more than a year, and now I can’t see my life without it.

I bought it because I wanted a Clarisonic for a while but my common sense (£150!) put me off from getting one.

When I found this alternative from N°7, I trusted it because N°7 has a really good reputation.

Of course, this brush is way more simple than the Clarisonic: no special features, and only one type of head.

I only use it during my evening showers, to have a deep but gentle clean after my day wearing make-up.

Let me explain to you why I only use it under the shower: if you use the faster speed, your bathroom will get covered with facial wash gel/soap/mousse… : (

But I love it. My skin actually feels clean and in a good condition. I change the head every three months.

I use it every day on the faster speed (it has two speeds), but I don’t press it to my skin, I only press gently.

I highly recommend this facial brush!

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