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Kiko ‘Skin Tone Corrector Primer (violet)’ Review

Let’s talk about a skin primer.

I love this kind of product. For several years I have been using a Revlon primer, which I love, but I wanted to try something new.

Let’s start from the beginning: the packaging is a simple but solid pump-bottle, nothing extraordinary.

The texture of the product is nice:  a light violet cream. But, oh God, that smell! It’s awful! It’s indescribably bad, but fortunately it disappears once the product is dry. A real failure on that one, Kiko!


About the results, the effect is only noticeable when you’ve done your makeup. Your skin is more highlighted, but don’t dream – the result is only nice for 7-hours, tops.


You’ll need to to re-do your make-up during the afternoon if you want to keep a human face until you get home from work.


So, it’s not a total failure, but neither is it a favorite of mine. I could definitely live without it.

I hope this review helped!

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