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Benefit ‘Ready, set, BROW!’ clear brow gel



I got this sample in a magazine a few weeks back. I love the the way magazines do this in UK: the samples are proper samples, ones that you can actually use several times before you go on to buy the full-size one (if it’s any good).


As with any Benefit product, the packaging is adorable. It’s a nice silver mascara tube, whose shape makes me think of the of 1940’s.


As for the product, well that’s another story altogether, unfortunately…


I’m so disappointed! The smell is awful. It stinks of alcohol, and seems more like something you would use to treat a wound than a beauty product.


Be careful: the first time I used it, I accidently got a bit of it on my skin (which I did not notice, because it’s a clear gel); later on, I spotted a disgusting dry white film on my skin around my eyebrow.


I didn’t even like the effect on my eyebrows: they look nice but feel like cardboard.

I don’t understand the brush, either. It’s a weird shape, which makes it difficult to apply the product.


I am not going to buy the full-size one.

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