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Organisation Tips – In the Kitchen

Home Sweet Home


Here are few time-saving tips that I want to share with you. Life is not only about make-up and shampoo 🙂 

•             Groceries
I order my groceries on-line:      
–              You can check what you have in-stock while you’re ordering.
–              You’re not tempted to impulse-buy things you don’t really need.
–              It’s way faster than in the shop.
–              There are no arguments with your partner as you wander around the aisles!

•             Menus
I plan my menus two-weeks ahead:
–              There’s no wondering “what should I cook tonight?!”
–              You can make sure you eat plenty of variety.
–              The menu is on the fridge: Fiancé is not wondering what’s for dinner tonight.
–              You always know in advance when you have to defrost meat or vegetables.
–              You know what you will have to do when you get back home.

•             Breakfast
The breakfast table is set straight after dinner and the coffee machine is pre-programmed, ready for the next morning:
–              You can jump on your coffee as soon you wake up.
–              You can save some time in the morning.
–              You can have a proper breakfast table, rather than a bowl tossed on the table.

•             Meals
I always cook big portions:
–              You can make the lunch-boxes straight after dinner: no need to waste time preparing something the next morning.
–              You can freeze some. Nice for the lazy days: no need to cook!  


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