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Wilko nose-strips

Wilko nose-strips

I have combination skin, and a tendency for blackheads. Great! Probably the worst kind of skin possible. Some parts of my face are as dry as the Sahara desert, other part oily like woman in a rap music video.

I’ve tried many things to get rid of my blackhead problem; one of which is to use nose-strips.

I understand that people tend do not use them due to the price.

For many years, I used Diadermine ones. These worked okay, but they were super pricey… But for six years now, I’ve been using the one from Wilko.

Yeah, I know my love for Wilko is not really glamorous, but I don’t care.

Because these are one of the best nose-strips I’ve tried. They catch the blackheads really well. They are much more effective than the the Diadermine ones, or the Nivea strips (these last are an excellent way to totally waste your money, in my opinion).


And the price: just 95p for six strips! 


Can you believe it? The other brands cost around £6 for a product which does not do much good.

Please go for it, your nose and your wallet will both thank you.

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