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How I organise my calendar

To keep track of our activities, we have instaured S and I a calendar system to be as efficent as possible.

It’s the best way for us to keep track of what should be done around the house.

  • The first column is mine – of course. I put everything that S. needs to know: gym and PT session, beautician appointements, drinks and dinner with friends or colleagues.
  • The second column is S’s. It is empty for the moment but he will add at the end of the week his working hours and potential drinks and dinner out, as his working hours change all the time.  It allow me to know roughly when he will be back and at what time we will have dinner etc…
  • The third column is Us. This week will be empty, as we are currently spending this whole week off together 🙂 Some alone time is very important to both of us!
  • The fouth column is the housekeeping part. I clean and tidy a room per day. It allow us to keep the house nice and tidy through the week, even if we don’t have time to deep clean during the weekend.
  • The fifth column is the Menu section! I like to plan my menus, which allows me to buy exactly what I need. It is also good to know if I have to defreeze anything the evening before etc…
  • To finish, the Birthday column! This part is updated as soon I get my calendar to plan the presents purchase.


And you, what is your way to organise your calendar?






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