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BaByliss Big Hair Review

I have been straignetening my hair for the last 12 years.

I used to have really lovely curly hair which I loved and maintained with a lot of attention. Unfortunately,  everything ended after a terrible hairdresser experience.

I was on holiday abroad and I needed to go to the hairdresser due to a wedding I was invited to. The lady “misunderstood” my request and instead of cutting me 5 cm I’ve asked, she cut an extra 35 cm – leaving a 16 years old me in tears: from a lower back lengh I ended up to a shoulder one.

My dad – how used to be a barber in the 70’s – told me one thing ” You look like a puddle, darling. Learn to do a blowdry, purchase a hair straightener or be very patient”.

I was lazy and I went for the straightener, which burn my hair and forces me to have regular cuts. I never managed to get my lenght back.

Now at the old age of 28,  I have decided to be slightly less lazy and switch for an alternative for the hairstraightener.

Ladies,  let me introduce you to the BaByliss Big Hair Styler.

The first time I used it, I have let my hair to dry naturally for a good 15 minutes as the brush bristles are not able to catch wet hair.

The brush has two buttons, which allow you to spin the brush clockwise and anticlockwise – depending on the result you want to achieve.

I have been surprised of how quickly I managed my blowdry in 20 minutes the first time I used it – pretty much the half of the time I need with my hairstraightener.

I was amazed by the  “I-just-had-a-salon-blowdry” look in such a quick time and most of it, for a very reasonable price.

My hair seems to cope much better with it has I use the cold hair setting and feels so light and soft. Une merveille!