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Feather & Down

Since February, I had some issue to fall asleep.

As I didn’t want to start to take sleeping pills – I will avoid it as long as I can – I was happy to try anything to help me to sleep.

One day while I was wondering in the aisles of my local Boots, I decided to try a travel set from Feather and Down.

Since I went full size!

Feather and Down is an english cruelty-free brand. The brand is dedicated to encourage calm and tranquillity to help aid a restful night’s sleep. In short, all their products are made to help you to sleep.

The set is composed of a Relaxing Roll On, Pillow Spray, Shower Cream and Sleep Butter contain a blend of relaxing Lavender and Chamomile essential oils to encourage a restful night’s sleep

  • Sweet Dreams Relaxing Roll On

I was quite curious by that one! I massage the roll into my pulse point when I get to bed. The smell is divine and really relaxing.

  • Sweet Dreams Pillow Spray

The Pillow Spray is made of an infusion of Lavender and Chamomile essential oils and it smells beautiful! I find the smell really relaxing and calming. I spray it on our pillows and duvet before I got to brush my teeth to let the smell to settle. The Pillow Spray is even now part of my our night routine!

  • Sweet Dreams Melting Shower Cream

The Shower cream makes my shower time a such relaxing moment. I have to admit that when I use it, I want to got staright to bed! On the bed I have put the bath foam as I’ve just finished the shower gel 😭

  • Sweet Dreams Sleep Butter

The texture is really rich. The smell is delicate and very similar to the shower gel. The texture doesn’t allow a very quick penetration but gives  a very good hydratation.


I really recommend these products if you’re having some issues to sleep or just if you want a calming and relaxing night routine.






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