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Avene Cleanance Gel

My name is F. and I have a combinaison skin… God, I feel so relieved!

Despite getting dangerously close to 30, I still have spots. Some of them are purely hormonal; others are due to my skin type.

After trying a lot of face wash from different cosmectic brand , I’ve decided to get back a product I used to use when I was leaving in France: Cleanance from Avene.

Avene is a French pharmaceutical compagy, specialisted in dermo-cosmetics.

The Cleanance range has been created to respect combination skin.

There are all sort of products in that range to get ride of the greasy skin: un gel cleanser, a matifying lotion, a masque etc…

First of all, the gel is concentrated so you need just a little to clean your face.

The sensation is really fresh and has a “my-skin-feels-so-clean” effect.

Did It have an impact on my skin? Yes!

My skin is much nicer: have less spots, my skin is less oily.

I still have a spot time to time but nothing compare before!

It would recommend it 100%!

N.B: The cleanance range is currently on offer at Boots