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Pantene Pro V Hair Biology De Frizz & Illuminate Collection – Review

As I mentionned before, I do have dry and frizzy hair that I blowdry or straighten on a regular basis.

I tend to change my hair routine often as my hair tend to get greasy as soon I use the products for too long. I never bought much Pantene because their packaging always look a little bit tacky to me.

Imagine my surprise when I saw these really nice bottles and pot during my regular tour of my local Boots.

According their website, the De-Frizz & Illuminate range ” fights stubborn frizz, revives dullness & helps repair styling damage to coloured hair, for smooth, luminous hair”

I love it! The shampoo and the conditionner leave my hair soft, silky and brilliant. I swear my hair has been lighter since I start to use it.

The hair mask is new favourite product (and is currently sitting on my hair)

It deeply nourished without making my hair heavy. It really helps to calm the frizz and makes my straightening even faster.

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