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Seventeen Define and Conquer Contour Palette

I remember very well the day I discovered contouring. I was at my desk, in my little student room and I was amazed!

Having quite a chubby face (and the body that comes with it), I was thrilled about the idea to give my face a more “adult” look (or less “baby” if you see what I mean).

As soon I managed to go to the UK (as I lived in France back then), I rushed to Boots to find an affordable beginner kit to allow me to try this new method. I was looking for a powder countouring palette which allow you a more sublte look and is easier to manage for a newbie.


Ladies, let me present you one of my old time favorite since 2015: the Define and Conquer Contour Palette.


The palette is very simple and that was exactly what I was looking for: I needed a discreet and matte look for everyday wear.

This duo is presented a simple but great packaging with a mirror which has been a real life saver on business trips and weekends away.

When I first bought it, I love the little tutorial given with the palette, which made it really easy to use:

The products lasts for ever: despite using it almost everyday I only buy one per year.

I got many other bronzers and highlighters over the years but my favorite remains this little affordable one.

You can find it at Boots for £6.99



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