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Jade Roller – Revolution Makeup

Scrolling through my Instagram, I’ve seen these really weird tools coming back again and again. I was quite curious… Was it one of these beauty tool that we will all forget very soon?

Around January, I purchased this one from Revolution Make Up.

  • What is a jade roller?

Jade roller are inspired by Chinese traditional medecine to improve your skin by stimulating the blood circulation.

There are not magic wands: they won’t help you get ride of your acne and wrinkles but they are supposed to have a few benefits:

– Stimulate circulation and drainage

– Relax the facial muscles

“Very well” you might think, but how to use it?

First, I start by my neck: start from the top of my neck and I roll downwards. Once done, I can focus on my cheeks, always from the middle of my face to the sides. For the forehead, I roll it from the hairline to my eyebrows. To finish, I use the small side of my roller from the outer corner of my eye to the inner corner.

I use it every evening after my night cream. There are no proof that the roller helps to push your products deeper into your skin but it feels much better with a cream than on a bare face.  Of course, I clean it and wipe it as soon I finish yo use it.

Results: I am not sure if it works but I find it quite relaxing.

Is it one of beauty tools that will be soon forgotten?

I think so… The future will let us know!


You can purchase it here

One thought on “Jade Roller – Revolution Makeup

  1. I think with these jade rollers consistency is the key. I do believe that using this does help in many ways beneath the skin. 🙂


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