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Lactic Acid 10% + HA – The Ordinary

For years, I have seen these little apothecary bottles but somehow I have never been interested into trying it. Beginning 2020, I started to use some acids from Superdrug and was really pleased with the results.

Unfortunately, lookdown made it difficult to purchase anything so I decided to have a look on Amazon to find similar products.

First of all, I was surprised by the low prices of The Ordinary products which led me to investigate the brand and everything made more sense: simple packaging, clear product description and low prices. I don’t really need a pretty packaging, I just want to know what the bottle contains. We dreamt of it, The Ordinary did it.

The legend says that Cleopatra bathed in donkey milk on a daily basis for her complexion. I don’t have a donkey at home so the Lactic Acid was the best alternative for me.

The lactic acid is used to gently renew the skin cells. It is a ingredients used in a lot of chemical peelings and is less agressive than other acids. It is perfect for dull and sensive skin.

I am really pleased with this acid, used in the evening associated with some Retinol (I will explain you that later).

I have hardly any spots now and my skin looks brighter, allowing me to wear less covering foundation. I am really happy about it. Which products have you tried from this brand? Which one would you recommend?

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