Thoughts of the month – January

The start of the year.

A blank page. A clean slate. An opportunity to make it better. A fresh start. New ideas. New objectives.

The first of January is the opportunity to wake up before everybody in the house (I tend to have house guests at this time of the year to celebrate the New Year) and start the year with a warm cup of coffee and a fresh journal. Looking by the window, I have the opportunity to think about the past year and what I would like to achieve this year.

I am happy to welcome January every year as an old friend.

So, what did I achieve in 2022?

I have managed to have again a balanced mental health.

I have moved to a lovely house and have the first garden of my adult life.

I have managed to get my dream job and therefore got the chance to learn more and elevate my life

What did I fail?

I am not quite happy yet with my attendance to the gym.

I have not bought a house yet.

I have not read as much as I wanted and I am clearly still addicted to my phone.

What are my objective in 2023?

I would love to read a book per week! My objective is provide you a list next year with the 52 books I have read in 2023.

Finding the physical activity that doesn’t feel like a chore in order to stay active without realizing it.

Continue my saving journey while looking for the right house of me.

Do what I enjoy on a regular basis.

And you? What are your objective for this year?

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