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Sanctuary Spa Signature Natural Oils Whipped Soufflé Body Cream

I am not sure why I have overlooked this brand all these years. Thanks to my friend Myriam who recommended me the Sanctuary Spa Signature Natural Oils Whipped Soufflé Body Cream I have discovered this brand and her verdict was correct: amazing!

This body cream texture is a literal crème soufflée that glides into the skin. The texture feels so soft, luxurious and dissolves really quickly after a bit of massaging into the skin. I am really confused (in the best way possible) about this cream is how it feels light and rich at the same time.

As much as I am amazed by the cream texture, the smell is another strong point of this product. The Sanctuary Spa signature fragrance is a blend of Jasmine, Grapefruit and vanilla that stays on for hours.

In terms of ingredients, I am happy to confirm that it doesn’t contain any mineral oils (to avoid at all cost as they don’t penetrate into the skin). The products from this brand are also cruelty-free and vegan friendly!

The price point for this line is really reasonable, which £8.00 on average for the 300 ml body butter.

It is the first time in years that I finish so quickly a pot of body cream as I turned completely addict to it. I have purchased many pots since the first one and several other products of this line as the Signature Shower Burst (an amazing shower mousse), the Signature Body wash, the Signature Natural Oils Salt Scrub and the Signature Ultra Rich Body Oil Spray.

I hope more people will give a chance to this amazing product and brand as I did.

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