My meal planning method

I have seen the resurgence of meal planning over the last ten years online but it is something which was quite common in the families around me. I come from a quite modest background and we could not afford to throw away food. As an adult, I able to afford to grocery shop without thinking much of it but I rather be careful with what I purchase. First of all because I do not tolerate throwing food away while so many people can’t afford to feed themselves properly and/or enough and also because I try to eliminate the decision fatigue that you might experience when you spend all your afternoon wondering what you could cook tonight and end up getting a take away meal.

Over the years, I have improved my own method, allowing me to plan great meals at the lower prices possible. 

First of all, I will decide which kind of protein I will have over the week on which day as per table below: 

ChickenMince BeefEggsFish/SeafoodChickenNo Meat

I will then decide of which carbs I will consume each day:

ChickenMince BeefNo meatEggsFishChickenNo Meat

From these combinations, I will add to my table some vegetables of the season and what I have left in my cupboard and freezer in order to finalize my meal plan for the week.  

MondayChickenPastaOne-Pot Three Cheese Pasta , Grilled Chicken and Spinach
Tuesday Mince BeefPotatoesJacket potatoes/Chilli and Salad
WednesdayRiceOne Pot Spicy Vegetable Rice 
ThursdayEggsOmelette and Salad
FridayFishPastaChilli Tomatoes Prawn Pasta
SaturdayChickenBulgurHarissa Spiced Chicken with bulgur

Of course, the combination changes every week according to my mood, my social obligations and the weather. 

Once my menu ready, I write down my shopping list, checking my fridge, freezer and pantry to make sure I make a list as complete as possible as I am not willing to pop to the supermarket several times a week but only once.

I encourage you to go for the supermarket own brand products as they come out of the same factories than the branded ones but be careful for the meat and butter which tend to be full of water in the cheapest options. I personally buy my meat at the butcher (trust me, the prices are very similar to the supermarket) and my vegetables at a lovely open market not far from my home when possible.

Please share your method with me! I am curious to see you organise your menus!

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