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Why I have opted for acrylic nails

I know, I know…

If I tell you acrylic nails, you might thing of extremely long nails, nail art and crazy colours but it’s not always the case!

I have decided to get my nails done by a nail technician back in August. Before hand, I had to accept that I am nail polish was not for me.

I have quite a busy schedule and I don’t want to spend 30 minutes to do my nails every two days. I wash my hands a lot and my nail polish tend to chip away within a day or two.

I also have quite fragile nails and I have never managed to keep them to a nice length.

The solution to my problem existed and I have finally stepped into a nail salon a few months ago. As surprising as it sounds, I stick to one design: a pink ombré. It is perfect for me as I work in a conservative field which doesn’t allow too creative style and as it remains natural enough to match any of my outfits.

As you can see on the picture of my nails, you can see that I keep them quite short as it is more hygienic, more elegant and more practical than longer nails.


To summarise my experience, I am really happy to have my nails done. My appointment last 30-35 minutes and my nails look perfect for 10 days. My nails always look good, I can get a length that my natural nails can’t reach and doesn’t matter how often I was my hands as it doesn’t chip away.

If I had to find cons, I would say that getting acrylic nails done require to spend quite a bit of money (between £25 to £30 depending the nail salon, every 10 days or so) and doesn’t allow you to change colour as quickly as a regular nail polish or a home gel kit.

And you? Do you get your nails done or do you do it at home?

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