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How to take care of your clothes

I know, I know… What is going on with her and her housewife articles? 

As mentioned before on my previous articles, I want this place to be not only a place where I talk about make-up and beauty products but also about life as a whole. 

I am a woman of routine. I like to have a schedule and need to know how my week will go. Being a busy professional with a lot of hobbies and a house to maintain, organisation in every department is a must in our household. 

The dirty laundry is already sorted in the laundry basket on a daily basis. I use different linen laundry bags labeled for each category of dirty clothes.

  • Socks – Underwear – Pajamas: to be washed at 60°C
  • Blouse – Shirts – Tee shirts: to be wash at 30°C
  • Trousers: to be wash on cold water
  • Bed sheets: to be washed at 60°C-80°C
  • Towels: to be washed at 60°C
  • Sportswear: to be washed at 60°C
  • Kitchen linen: to be washed at 60°C
  • Whites: to be washed at 80°C

Using the correct washing machine setting and temperature will allow you to keep you clothes nicer for longer. I doubt, I would recommend a low temperature.

The contents of each bag is washed as soon as the bag is full, except for the bed sheets that are washed on Sundays immediately when I change the bed sheets and the towels that are changed on Fridays also washed right away. I have the luxury to work from home and I can easily decide to start the washing machine before work and sort them during my lunch break. I am a big fan of color catcher, softener and scents booster that I tend to use on each load.

Living in the UK, I can’t systematically dry my clothes outside on the wash line, therefore I have invested some money in a good tumble dryer and which is one of the best investments I have made. 

Of course, all the clothes that I are not suitable for the tumble dryer will be hang to dry. Clothes are folded and tidied as soon they are dry as I don’t like clutter around the house. As I am unable to fold clothes nicely, I have also been using a clothes folder for the last 15 years (so well before Sheldon Cooper as all my friends like to remind me). This tool cost around £5 and last forever despite being used several times a week.

Over the week, I keep all the clothes that need ironing in a separate basket as I iron only on Sunday afternoons in front of a good series or documentary. I would recommend to invest in a good steamer as they tend to do a better job than a simple iron.

And you, how do you manage this chore?

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