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Thoughts of the month – February

I can’t believe it is already February! Starting to think of spring, helped by the sunny but crisp mornings.

Despite the fact that I am looking forward to the spring and my plants to restart blooming, I love the opportunity we have to get out slowly from the winter, getting the chance to continue to enjoy it but knowing that it is coming to an end. I have enjoyed the sound of my steps on frozen leaves, warm coffees, the January light and enjoying spending quality time with my lovely partner.

This year, February will bring me the visit of my friend Myriam which I am looking forward so much.

This new month is also the chance to look back at January and what I have achieved.

I have respected my schedule for the blog, which was my main goal for January. As mentioned in my article about self discipline, I have a hard time to take time for myself so getting back here and being consistent is a huge step forward for me. I have also managed to find time to read several books as I wanted.

I am not “on a diet” as such but I am working everyday on having a more balanced diet and drinking more water, which I am progressing on but did not reach my water intake quite yet. More progress to do for me in February! I have also been on intermittent fasting (8pm-12am). To my surprise, I never failed a single time and it seems that this system works perfectly for me and my lifestyle.

I did not improve myself at all in terms of journaling, exercising and my sleeping schedule but I am still working on those.

How was your January? Are you looking for the end of the winter?

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