Vestiaire Collective – A buyer review

Vestiaire Collective is luxury good plateform open since 2009 on which you can buy directly from private sellers and also sell the luxury items you no longer want. I have started to buy on this website since 2020 after watching a lot of reviews on YouTube. You can get items send directly to you or send to VC for authentification before receiving them.

The first item I purchased was a 2008 Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Alma PM from France for £320. A ridiculous price for a bag retailed at £1,880! I remember calling my mother at 11pm to discuss this purchase and as she finally convinced me when she said:

“For that price, you can buy ten high street handbags or this one, you pick”.

Prior to finalize my purchase, I have opted for the authentification by Vestiaire Collective in order to make sure that the item was not a fake. I received a notification via email at each steps, from the purchase to the delivery. I also received an authentification report confirming that the item was matching the description before VC send the bag to me. The whole process took seven days to be completed which I believe is incredibly fast. Please note that I still use this bag several times a month.

The Louis Vuitton Black Epi Leather Alma – Day of delivery back in 2020

I have to admit that as much I love luxury goods, I am not happy to pay the equivalent of an average UK salary for it. I tend to be scared to damage brand new items and end up not using them. Bying second hand allow me to buy used items at a more reasonable price and the authentification option is a extra security I apppreciate even more after my latest purchase.

A few months ago, I purchased an other Louis Vuitton, a Black Epi Leather Riviera for £280. A disaster! The seller send it two days after the deadline to Vestiaire Collective. I was a little worried until Vestiaire Collective send me an reception confirmation. Two hours later, the authentification report came back with the comment “odor/smell – sale cancelled”. The refund followed 48 hours later. I was quite happy as I don’t really want a smelly bad, even for £10.

Overall, I am really satistified with Vestaire Collective which allows me to buy items I could not afford full price and in great condition but always getting the authentication done by VC for more security.

Please let me know in the comment your opinon on Vestiaire Collective! Have you tried it?

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