Dress for the life you want

Over the last few months, I have been working hard to elevate my life professionally and personally. When I was in law school, I remember vividly a lesson during which a professor told off one of my classmate for his outfit. “Dress as the professional you want to become! Not as the student you are today!”. Keeping this interaction in mind, the first step I took in my elevation journey was to update my way to dress.

Some of the clothes I have decided to sell

To begin with, I have decided to remove all the colorfull or heavily printed prices. My closet is now full of white, creme, beige, brown, grey, green, navy blue, muted rust and black. I have also disposed of all the “too revealing” outfits: As I am getting older, I rather keep some things private! Please, ladies and gentleman, think of yourself as beautiful presents: the best gift have a lovely wrapping and are offered to special people.

I have divided all the clothes and did not want to keep between two catgories: to sell and to donate. I have sold already few pieces and I am in a good way to cover my latest purchases with the money I am getting from selling my old pieces. I rather know that my clothes will make someone else happy and continue to be used instead of ending in a landfill and I also love to buy secondhand pieces.

In a second part, I have done some shopping. I have purchased some nice belts in order to define my waistline when I wear dresses: a black one, a brown one and a white one. I have also bought a few dresses in the color listed above, all midi or long.

As I have purchased a lot of over the knee or long dresses lately, I therefore needed longer coats as your coat should be longer than your dress.

It is incredible as it seems to work. I have since got the job of my dreams and improved my lifestyle beyond my expectations – all of that to be detailed soon. I believe that feeling put together helps you to be in the mindset required to achive your objective, no matter what they are. For example, I am sure you will agree with me when I say that putting on your gym clothes help you to be in the mood to do exercice.

No soldier goes into battle without the proper armor. Dress accordingly for the most important one: your life.

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