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Thought of the month – April

April… The weather is getting all other the place… Living in England, I am always surprised to see the four seasons unfolding during a single day. If you want to do some gardening or a walk, you better start as soon as a ray of sunshine comes and hope that you will finish before the rain starts.

April was an incredibily busy month for me from a professional point of view. Having a house to run and a really time consuming job, I had unfortunately had to sacrifice my hobbies for a few weeks. I sometimes struggle to take time for myself, which is something I am constantly fighting against and I will talk to you soon about how to work towards an healthier work-life balance.

I had the chance to have my brother visiting me for few days having a quiet time together. I am really lucky to be his little sister and he has been a great parental figure since we lost our father almost two years ago. We had far too many coffees, too many doughnuts and watched too many Netflix. A great time together in a nutshell.

My partner left for a business trip abroad after my brother’s visit for a whole week and I find myself just diving into work during his absence. In many businesses, the end of the month (and especially end of quarter) are incredibly busy times.

I had the chance to visit a bit more of England, visiting my partner’s family in Milford On Sea, an adorable traditional english village on the South coastline. I hope to visit it again soon!

Walk by the see…

I am looking forward the month of May as It will start with a trip to Greece with one of my best friend! I am really happy to have to opportunity to visit this country for the first time and about my plans to sit by the pool with a good book and my new hat. I am currently working on articles about my packing tips for holidays and I hope they will help you!

So let’s start this lovely month of May…

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