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Living in England – Two months

I live in my new place for a month now.

When I arrived in England, I moved for a month at my fiancé’s place, a nice house with four housemates. But infortunatly, they were awful with me, complaining about a foreigner living with them.

Except my fiancé, no one was talking to me, except for asking me when I was living.

It was so hard. I’m a social person. In France, I hardly spend a evening by myself: I love to have friends over for a meal, a cup of coffee or just to gossip. My door was always open. I miss it and my friends miss it too.

You can’t imagine how happy I was to leave this horrible atmosphere to move in OUR place.

After visiting ten places (one of them was disgusting and smelled funny) we got the key of an adorable appartement.

I love the neighbourhood, full of shops and really close to a really nice park. And I have really kind neighbours.

Now, I just need to found a job.  But we will talk about that next week.




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