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1 – Something everyone love, except me:
Shiny highlighters. I have some, but I feel like a disco ball whenever I use them. They don’t suit me, or I perhaps I am not using them properly.
Anyway, I only use matte highlighters.
2 – Something everybody hates, except me:
I love wearing gloss. Many people don’t really like it because it’s sticky, but I quite enjoy it. I wear it when I have a strong eye make-up like a black smokey-eye.
3 – A product I never use, but can’t seem to throw away:
My shiny highlighter….
4 – My favorite flashy lipstick and my favourite nude lipstick:
I don’t really wear flashy or nude lipstick…
5 – I know that it’s bad but…
I don’t moisterize my hands and my lips enough
6 –  I probably should…
Calm down on buying make-up and use ALL THE THINGS I’ve already got (ask my fiancé)
7 –  Something I hated but now love:
Contouring and high-lighting. I used to be scared of doing these things, but since a ‘Benefit’ make-up artist showed me how to do it properly, I do it every day.
8 – Something I love on others but not on me:
Shorts. They don’t fit me at all, but I like them on other girls
9 – Something which isn’t really my thing, but I love:
I love tatoos, but I don’t know… I can imagine myself with one
10 – I already have too much of it, but It’s stronger than me…:
Eyeshadow palettes. I have 16 palettes, yet I always want to buy more.
11 – A product with which I have a love-hate relationship:
Generally, nail polish.
I can keep my nails manicured and looking nice for months on-end, but then… bang! Out of the blue I seem to loose the ability to paint my nails properly! (Which unhappily is the case right now…)

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