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Why the ‘Naked 2’ is my favorite palette of all time.

UD Naked 2

I got this palette a long time ago, when I first started to be really interested in make-up.

Looking at all my palettes a few weeks back, I realized that if I had to keep only one palette, it would be this one.

Let me explain my point of view…

  • The packaging

The palette is set in a solid metal box, which closes properly. This helps you to avoid any mess in your bag or suitcase.

It has a huge mirror in it, which is perfect to use for doing your make-up, especially when you are away from home.

The palette is incredibly light, and is the perfect size to hold in one hand.

  • The product itself

I don’t need to explain how Urban Decay eyeshadows are pigmented and long-lasting.

The choice of colours in this palette gives you so many possibilities!

  • ‘Foxy’ is a matte beige
  • ‘Half Baked’ is a nice gold
  • ‘Booty Call’ is a really fair pink
  • ‘Chopper’ is wonderful copper
  • ‘Tease’ is a matte taupe
  • ‘Snake Bite’ is a shimmery golden brown
  • ‘Suspect’ is a dark champagne
  • ‘Pistol’ is a nice dark shimmery grey
  • ‘Verve’ is an elegant silver
  • ‘YDK’ is a strange rose-gold
  • ‘Busted’ is a nice dark purple
  • ‘Blackout’ is one of the best matte black eyeshadow I’ve ever seen

I can make all the looks I want with these colours: vamp, classic, work-friendly, wedding style… I really love it and it’s definitely the best palette I own (for now, at least!).

Urban Decay Urban Decay, £38 on Urban Decay Website

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