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Black Up Waterproof Smoky Kohl Pencil

Black Up - KS08

The Black Up Waterproof Smoky Kohl Pencil in the shade ‘KS08’ is one of the best eyeliners that I have ever tried!

‘KS08’ is the shimmery brown pencil in this line.

Seriously, Black Up, please give some proper names to your products which will be easier to remember, it sounds like a printer reference or something.

This satin finish liner lasts all day long, and on through the evening. Even on my waterline this pencil doesn’t move at all for hours-on-end.

Top : Blended ; Botton : Straight
Top : Blended ; Botton : Straight

And this pencil is the best way to make a quick smokey eye on-the-go. You can use it on the eyelid (as the Sephora shop assistant showed me), and spread it with your finger.

It’s a bit pricey, but worth it!

P.S: After I took this picture at the morning time, I forget to remove this swatch.

I realized it after diner while I was washing the dishes : all the water just fade a little bit the product. It is really waterproof!

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