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Soap & Glory Heel Genius

Let’s continue our ‘Soap & Glory’ reviews! Today, I will talk about their fabulous Heel Genius foot-moisturising cream.

Let’s face it, feet are not the prettiest part of the human body. Nonetheless, we all need to take care of them. Especially me, as I have quite dry heels (but no cracks, thankfully!).

If you want to have nice feet for the summer (so that you can wear open shoes), then this product could help you. But don’t expect an over-night miracle! You will need to keep using it, but – if you do – you will see a real difference in just a few weeks.

The texture is funny: it’s a kind of blue-ish gel. But it smells nice, a delightful mixture of menthol and citrus.

I put it on at night, after scrubing my feet with the Scrub of Your Life foot-scrub. Then I give my feet a little massage, put on some pedicure socks, and go to bed.

Result? Super-smooth feet when you wake up.

I highly recommend it, of course!

Heel of Genius, £5.50 for 125ml at Boots

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