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Revolution Makeup Ultra Blush Palette



I bought this palette at Superdrug a few months back. I’d heard about this brand before on various YouTube beauty channels.

The packaging is black, shinny and suprisingly strong for a such tiny price. It includes a massive glass, which is always handy if you’re on holiday.

The quality is impressive; it stays on all day without fading. A steal for the price!

Ultra Blush

The colours have not been given any names, which is a little bit disappointing. So I named them with letters instead. The top row is named from left-to-right ‘A-B-C-D’, and the same way for the bottom row ‘E-F-G-H’:

A – This one is a dark pink which can be used as a bronzer if you have a fair skin. Don’t have a heavy hand, it’s really pigmented!

B – This one is a matte pink (a little bit more fair than the ‘A’ shade), which is quite similar to the ‘F’ shade.

C – A nice bright vibrant pink, almost neon.

D – A lovely subtle highlighter.

E – Bright orange-peach blush which reminds me a little of the Benefit ‘Majorette’.

F – An old pink matte. Really easy to wear.

G – A light shimmering pink blush.

H –  A pretty baked blush. I hardly use it – it looks so beautiful, and I don’t want to ruin it!

To cut a long story short, I love this palette, which is really pigmented and very cheap. Not one of the shades was a disappointment, which is not something that happens often.

I highly recommend it.


Revolution Make Up Ultra Blush Palette, £4 on the Revolution Makeup

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