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W7 Blushes



I discovered the brand W7 a few years ago. It’s a really cheap make-up brand which makes some products that look a lot like those of high-street brands.

Of course, the pigmentation is little less impressive, but for only £4…

I’ve been trying a lot of their products, and these are my favorites!

These blushes and bronzers all come in solid little card box (which will probably remind you of the Benefit ones, I think), and with a little square blush-brush which is not good at all; I use the brush to clean my computer.


  • The Honey Queen Honeycomb Blusher (which reminds me of the Benefit ‘Rockateur’)


W7 - The  Honey Queen Honeycomb


The shiney honeycomb-effect bow contains a wonderful mix of coral, peach, golden-beige and purple hexagons. All the shades are shimmery and well pigmented.

You just have to mix these shades on your brush to get a discrete light pink coral shimmery blush.

The texture is silky, smooth, and not at all powdery.

This blush doesn’t really fit with darker skin tones, but I think it could be used as a gorgeous highlighter.

A great blush for summer nights.


  • Double Act ( Benefit ‘10’ look-alike)


W7 - Double Act


This is supposed to be a highlighter-bronzer duo, but I can’t use a pink as an highlighter so I use it as a blush-bronzer duo instead.

Both are really really glittery – almost too much . Being honest with you, I probably wouldn’t buy this one again.

But I do really like the pink shade.


  • Honolulu (a bit darker than the Benefit’s ‘Hoola’)

W7 - Honolulu


I love ‘Honolulu’. It’s a dark matte bronzer, so have a light hand or it will just look dirty. I will definitely buy it again.


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