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While living…

Sometimes life is impredictable. It can be in a lovely way as a pregnancy announcement, a wedding or a fantastic work opportunity.

It can also be for the worst.

Few months ago, we got a phone call from S’s mum. Far too early for a sunday morning.

I will remember that awful day my whole life: the hurry we left our house, the silly chit-chat on the way to the emergency to calm each other down, the 30 seconds call to my Maman asking her to pray and the doctor announcing that my lovely father-in-law was no longer alive.

I am sure you understand that my priority was to help S as much as I could while dealing myself with grief.

I will always remember his way to call me “Girl”, his kindness, our common love for History and that strange ressemblance with my own father which consist into an unability to sit down for more than 10 minutes, always having a new DIY project that kept him in the garage or the garden.

I was just his daughter-in-law and I miss him everyday.

After making my best to bring S back on the living side, I have to do the same. Life continues and we should make the most of it.


“While living, I want to live well.” Geronimo





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